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Jan 11

The power of presence


This is my cat. She looks happy. She’s pretty much always happy when I’m around. She has this crazy habit of walking all over the house looking for me. She will go into each room and meow (loudly) and drive my family crazy. Once she finds me, its all ok. She will then either just sit on the floor or crawl up into my lap.

It’s odd that my cat teaches me so many lessons on life. But here is what I learned by this. My cat in this picture is obviously in a state of complete contentment. Why? Because I’m there.

There is this deep bond of love. No words are exchanged. There is nothing I have to do to prove my affection.  She is completely content by my presence.  

Let that sink in for a minute.

There is power in our presence. It can speak volumes over words, gifts, actions. There is power in just being. Being together.

How often do we speak or perform an action to prove that we love someone, but at the same time we really don’t give them our full attention? In this busy paced life where we are always on the run, its easy to go days not intentionally spending time with those we love. The greatest gift we can give our spouse, kids, loved ones is our presence. Simply just being there, giving them our full attention.

This is also true with our relationship with God.

We can talk about God, talk to God, we can even do a lot of stuff for God, but what God wants more than anything is just us. To simply be with us.

The greatest moments of contentment in my life are where I simply sit in the presence of God. No words exchanged. No music playing in the background. Not doing anything. Simply just being in His presence.

It’s those moments where I am completely content by His presence. I feel secure, cherished, loved.

How about you? When was the last time you were completely satisfied in God’s presence? What can you do this week to bless someone with the power of your presence?









Jun 08


Have you heard a bible verse your entire life and then one day you have that ah-ha moment.  That happened to me last week.

 This is day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 NKJV

So I’ve been reading this Dale Carnegie book on worry and he quotes this verse in Psalms. Being a lifelong professional of worry, I was intrigued. Over the last several years, I have experienced much freedom in this area of worry, but at times it still seeks to overwhelm me. I’ve always thought, how do I just make myself have joy when life isn’t all sunny. But now I think I finally get what God meant in this verse. It’s the formula for letting go of worry.

God’s talking about today. This moment in time. He’s not talking about yesterday or tomorrow, but only today. Too often our today is clouded by the failings of yesterday and the worries of  tomorrow. Sometimes we spend so much energy today thinking about the past and the future that we actually steal the joy that belongs to today.

You see the past is well, in the past. Whether we had successes or failure in the past, they belong there in the past. It’s time and space we cannot alter.  Spending too much time there in the past, clouds our way of thinking in today. It robs us of our creativity, energy and passion. Let go of the past, particularly your failures. Don’t believe the lie that today is pointless and that what you do doesn’t matter. It does matter. This is the day, full of hope and possibility.

And then there’s the future. There is so much uncertainty there. We could worry about finances, the economy, politics, the environment, jobs, the list goes on and on. And clearly most of what we worry about never happens. I think worry of the future is completely rooted in fear. Fear of death, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. The enemy of our soul knows this. Constant fear of what’s to come will keep you paralyzed in today.

God gave me this picture of me driving in an awesome sports car on this two lane road on a very scenic drive. It was picture perfect. I was driving along the coastline, the sun was shining. It was the perfect day. And He said to me something profound. The reason you don’t have joy in this moment is because you spend too much time looking in your rear view mirror and out past the horizon.  You just need to look at what’s right in front of you.

What’s right in front of you is today. This very moment is full of hopes, and dreams, and possibility, and joy. And how you spend that moment is up to you. Will you spend this moment that you’ve been given staring in the rearview reliving the failures of your past? Or will you spend today focusing on the horizon of all the worries of tomorrow or the dreams of a future you hope for so desperately. Future dreams don’t happen unless we put those dreams into action – today.

Today is a new day. A day birthed in hope and possibility. What will you do today?


May 29

Filling your bucket


We all have an emotional bucket. Everyday that bucket either gets full or empty. There are things that fill our bucket and there are things that empty it. The busier we get and as the demands of life pileup, we forget to fill the bucket. We literally get empty, like when a car is running out of gas.

I’ve experienced this recently. Right after my song release we put our house up for sale. Our entire life revolved around cleaning, showings, looking at houses and moving.  Mostly cleaning. Yuck! You can’t possibly imagine how domestically challenged I am!  And in the midst of all that stuff, I stopped doing all the things that I love and that are important to me.

And I wondered why I felt disconnected, discontent, tired, grumpy, easily irritated. It was because my reserve had been depleted. I think this is why having a daily quiet time is so important. It’s not just a ritual to follow to check off some list. God is the source of life and joy and peace. His cup isn’t just full, its overflowing. And He wants to fill us to overflowing so that we can pour a little bit of Him everywhere.

I also think God gave each of us certain gifts that we should exercise often. Those natural abilities, those things we love to do aren’t an accident. They were designed to make us feel alive with joy. To make you feel like YOU.

One of the things I love to do is sit at the piano for hours and write new worship music. Sometimes I can’t play for hours, but I try to play a little everyday. Why? Because it fills my bucket. And when my bucket is full I’m able to pour out to others from a play of joy and live and freedom.

What fills your bucket? Are you doing that thing on a regular basic to keep your tank full?