Feb 09


Do you have those seasons where you feel pulled in all directions?

I’ve been experiencing that lately. Sometimes when this happens its easy to try and please people rather than God.

This week I was thinking about Moses and I felt that nudge to read the story of Moses talking with God. (Exodus 33)

Before Moses stepped into greatness, he met with God face to face and talked to Him. And this is what Moses prayed.

Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight. (Exodus 33:13 NKJV)

He didn’t ask for all the skills to be a great leader. He asked to know God and for God to lead Him. Moses was a wise man.

Sometimes God will give me pictures or dreams to drive an idea home. I pictured myself in the woods. Trees everywhere, me in the middle and several different paths to take. And people pointing in all different directions.

I looked up asking God what to do and He hands me a compass.

And this is what He spoke to my heart.

I am your compass. I will always lead you in the right direction. With Me as your guide, you will never get lost.

If we seek to know Him, we will know His ways and our path will become clear.

Heavenly Father,
Today be my compass. Lead me. May I find grace and favor in your sight. I will seek you with my whole heart. I want to know you. Amen


  1. Shirley Fries Younger

    Thanks Cheryl, I needed this today. My precious Mother went to meet Jesus last month on the 16th.
    It seems as tho I am so lost I can’t decide which direction to go. Appreciate your prayers.

    1. cheryl

      I am sorry for your loss. I pray that God would be so near to you that you would feel His touch and hear His voice.

  2. shirley F. Younger

    Thank you. I know He is here and I want to feel His touch.

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