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May 29

Filling your bucket


We all have an emotional bucket. Everyday that bucket either gets full or empty. There are things that fill our bucket and there are things that empty it. The busier we get and as the demands of life pileup, we forget to fill the bucket. We literally get empty, like when a car is running out of gas.

I’ve experienced this recently. Right after my song release we put our house up for sale. Our entire life revolved around cleaning, showings, looking at houses and moving. ¬†Mostly cleaning. Yuck! You can’t possibly imagine how domestically challenged I am! ¬†And in the midst of all that stuff, I stopped doing all the things that I love and that are important to me.

And I wondered why I felt disconnected, discontent, tired, grumpy, easily irritated. It was because my reserve had been depleted. I think this is why having a daily quiet time is so important. It’s not just a ritual to follow to check off some list. God is the source of life and joy and peace. His cup isn’t just full, its overflowing. And He wants to fill us to overflowing so that we can pour a little bit of Him everywhere.

I also think God gave each of us certain gifts that we should exercise often. Those natural abilities, those things we love to do aren’t an accident. They were designed to make us feel alive with joy. To make you feel like YOU.

One of the things I love to do is sit at the piano for hours and write new worship music. Sometimes I can’t play for hours, but I try to play a little everyday. Why? Because it fills my bucket. And when my bucket is full I’m able to pour out to others from a play of joy and live and freedom.

What fills your bucket? Are you doing that thing on a regular basic to keep your tank full?